Dorset Peak Jerseys

registered jerseys est. 2010

A Vermont family farmed registered jersey dairy.

Caleb and Jessie Smith

The Long Way Home

For Caleb, our daughter Ava and I, the farm is much more than our home. We have made a start here with our herd in a spot that has quite a legacy sown in its soils. This peaceful farm has been used and used some more. There is a rich history and cultural heritage here in these tremendous mountain valleys of the Danby Four Corners. Many families have lived and worked here ahead of our own. We see the time they have put in to keep these lands working and open. The farm is indebted to all of those many hands.

We are happy to announce this past fall that we have secured a 30 year ++ lease to work our farm. This lease helps so greatly to ensure the functionality and vitality of our dairy operation. We humbly say thank you to all who have helped to make this arrangement possible. We appreciate your time, loyalty and devotion. We would not be where we are in this journey without you.

It is very exciting.

Now, the work of advocacy, restoration and innovation begins.