Dorset Peak Jerseys

registered jerseys est. 2010

A Vermont family farmed registered jersey dairy.

Caleb and Jessie Smith


Caleb Smith fell in love with dairying in '98 , fell in love with the Jersey cow in 2000. Caleb earned a degree in dairy farm management from Vermont Technical College in the spring of 2002, and began a farm search that would last the next eight years. In April 2010 a herd of 78 registered Jersey cows was purchased from the Proctor family and made the trip from S. Egremont MA to Danby Four Corners VT. Dorset Peak Jerseys was born. A new life started for Caleb and the Harrington Farm, which we lease from Smokey House Center.  Things now are just as special as the day the cows came. The farm continues to grow and there are a lot more animals today, but the same question still gets asked: " What did I do to make the cows' lives better today?"